Full Stack Dotnet (.NET) Training institute in Patna

Course Overview:

CSDT Centre Patna is leading Full Stack Microsoft.NET Development Training Company or Institute in Patna,Bihar.

Why Join CSDT Centre Full Stack MS.Net Training?


*Candidates take up a 4-week application based hands-on capstone project to apply their learning to real-life business problems.


*with a real-life industry project


* Classroom sessions from Mon-Fry (10:30 AM to 2:30 PM or 2:30PM to 6:30PM)
* 4-months classroom based training
* In-class Lab Sessions

4. Dedicated Placement Assistance :

*Career guidance and mentorship by CSDTCentre facutly and industry leaders
*Resume review and interview preparation sessions
*Access to opportunities with leading companies


*Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate from (CSDT IT Solution)Priya IT Solution LLP IT Company.

full stack MS .NET Training institute in Patna

After completing this module, you are ready to:

  • → Appear Interview on MS .NET Framework under any IT Company.
  • → Develop Desktop applications in C# by using ADO .NET and SQL Server.
  • → Develop Web applications in ASP .NET by using C# .NET, ADO .NET and MS SQL Server.
  • → Design Responsive Webpages.
  • → Eligible for designing database Table by MS SQL Server query
  • → Appear any types of software company interview and get Job as a DOT NET developer
  • → Update yourself with DOT NET frameworks of Microsoft.

Front End Development :
(HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap).

Back End Development :-
C# .NET, ADO .NET, ASP .NET, ASP .NET With MVC, MS .NET Core Intro, 2 Live project.

After This Training our students are eligible for doing these types work.

  1. 1. Create a database, Table, Insert Data, Retrieve Data, Update Data, Delete Data in SQL Server using ASP.NET and C# .NET
  2. 2. Good knowledge for Making Windows Application or Desktop Application
  3. 3. Good knowledge for Making Dynamic and Static Website
  4. 4. Learn How to create constant layout through Master Page
  5. 5. Learn how to create different types of login options
  6. 6. Learn how to insert, update, delete, view records though windows form.
  7. 7. Learn how to insert, update, delete, view records though web form
  8. 8. C# .NET and ASP .NET login And Signup Form with Session Using SQL Server.
  9. 9. Check duplicate userid or email ID before register C# .NET and ASP .NET,
  10. 10. How to change password in C# .NET and ASP .NET,
  11. 11. Forgot password C# .NET and ASP .NET
  12. 12. insert image in SQL Server database using C# .NET and ASP .NET,
  13. 13. retrieve image from SQL Server database using C# .NET and ASP .NET,
  14. 14. upload file in using C# .NET and ASP .NET,
  15. 15. how to send mail in C# .NET and ASP .NET
  16. 16. create Search option or feature in C# .NET and ASP .NET
  17. 17. send SMS message in C# .NET and ASP .NET
  18. 18. integrate OTP (One Time Password) in C# .NET and ASP .NET
  19. 19. Count number of rows in a table using C# .NET and ASP .NET
  20. 20. insert multiple checkbox value in database C# .NET and ASP .NET
  21. 21. Show Transaction history between two date range C# .NET and ASP .NET
  22. 22. How to create folder or directory in sever JSP, C# .NET and ASP .NET
  23. 23. Export data from database as csv file C# .NET and ASP .NET.

Note: Project Work is Compulsory after the Completion of training Program.