CSDT IT Solution Patna is a leading Web Designing Training Center or Institute in Patna, Bihar, India. CSDT provides Web/Website Designing training, Industrial Training courses/tutorial/Institute in HTML/HTML5 Training. CSDT is the best Web/Website Designing Training Center/tutorial/Institute/company in Patna, Bihar, India.

Web Designing training in patna

HTML Training By CSDT IT Solution

HTML is the basic requirement of any web application or websites. So, students who want to be a perfect web designer and developer must be strong in the basic part. We will give the clear cut knowledge of HTML Tags and usage of Tags in practical manner.

By giving project oriented training all are saying we are the best HTML Training in Patna. Yes, we are offering the HTML Training in the part of Web Designing and Development in International Standard. HTML is a standard and by that standard we are creating web pages. The only language any web browser knows in HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Our HTML Training in Patna offers complete structured layouts for their practices.

Excellence in training makes a man perfect and we believe that practical sessions are more efficient than dictating each and every term as theoretically. Our HTML Training in Patna have some regulations like each student has to build at-least 3 complete static designs before getting certifications over here. Once they are more familiar in HTML they can do any type of static design.

HTML5 Training in Patna

Always stick with the latest technologies is the main advantage of studying in CSDT IT Solution. HTML5 is the latest standard which all the companies are expecting more resources. Its a future technology of web design and HTML5 usage in nowadays are increasing very fast. Our students are always steady and deliver perfect solutions for any type of problems in static designs. We assure that.

HTML Training Syllabus


Overview of HTML

Overview of HTML

Introduction to HTML

Creating an HTML Document


Formatting text with HTML

Paragraph Formatting with HTML

Character Formatting with HTML

Comparing Procedural and Descriptive Formatting


Adding Local and Remote Links

Adding Local and Remote Links

Adding Internal Links with the Named Anchor Tag


Adding Graphics

Linking and Embedding Graphics


Creating Lists in HTML

Creating Lists and Nested Lists


Creating Tables in HTML

Creating and Modifying Tables

Creating Advanced Table Elements


Setting Body and Background Attributes

Setting Background and Text Colors


Web Page Design Guidelines

Web Page Design Guidelines


Adding Links to other Internet Services

Links to Non-Web Internet Services


By giving table less design as practical projects we are the best html training institute in Patna.

HTML5 Training Syllabus by CSDT IT Solution


Overview of what’s new in HTML 5



-New structures / tags

-Inline Elements

-Support for dynamic pages

-Form types

-Deprecated code

Current browser / platform support


Current browser / platform support

.Importance of the Document Object Model (DOM)

.Using the new HTML5 Tags

.Defining page structure using the new HTML5 tags

.New HTML5 Elements

.Embedding rich content with multimedia elements