FULL STACK Web Development

Course Overview:

CSDT Centre Patna is leading fullstack web development Training Company or Institute in Patna,bihar. The PHP Web technology is one of the most popular Server-Side Scripting language. It is used to create dynamic website.

After completing this module, you are ready to:

  • 👉Appear exams on PHP under any technical university of India.
  • 👉 Develop Web applications
  • 👉Design Responsive Webpages
  • 👉Eligible for designing database Table by MYSQL query
  • 👉Appear Interview and get Job
  • 👉 Update yourself with frameworks of PHP

Web Designing: -

(HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap)


Introduction of PHP, php-environment-set-up, php-echo-and-print-statement, Basic PHP Development, String Manipulation, Control Structures, Functions, Arrays, working with the File System, Working with Forms, Working with Regular Expressions, Classes and Objects, State Management (Session, Cookies))

Introduction To Database (MYSQL)

What is RDBMS technology? , Introduction to SQL ,Connecting to the MYSQL ,Selecting a database ,Adding data to a table ,Displaying returned data on Web pages ,Finding the number of rows ,Looping through database ,Inserting data ,Deleting data ,Entering and updating data ,Executing multiple queries ,Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys ,Understanding Database Normalization ,Dealing with Dates and Times.

After this training our students are eligible for doing these types of work.

(1) php how to create table in phpmyadmin (7) php mysql data delete (13). php forgot password
(2)php create-database-using-php-script (8)signup login form in php mysq (14)PHP login logout with session
(3) php create table using php mysql (9) php login email or user-id (15) php insert image
(4) php mysql data insert (10) php check-duplicate-entry (16) php retrieve image
(5) php mysql data retrieve (11) php search (17)file upload in php mysql
(6) php mysql data update (12) php password change (18)php multiple file upload