The full form of WPF is Windows Presentation Foundation. It is a graphical subsystem developed by Microsoft for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications. CSDT IT Solution is the best WPF training providers in Patna, Bihar.

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WPF Syllabus

(What is WPF, (Goals, Benefits & Drawbacks), First WPF Application, Types of WPF Application (Windows Based and Browser Based), XAML – Extensible Application Markup Language., Content Models, Brief Introduction to Expression Blend,(Label, Button, Check Box, Radio Button, Repeat Button, Toggle Button, Tool Tip, Explander, Group Box),(Text Controls, Text Box, Text Block, Rich Text-box, Password Box),(List Controls Combo Box, List Box, Menu, Status Bar, Tab Control, Toolbar, Tree View, List View),(General Controls Progress Bar, Image, Slider, Scroll Bar, Rectangle, Ellipse, Media Element), Data Grid view,(Panels, Border, Canvas, Grid, Stack Panel, Wrap Panel), WPF Data binding, WPF Drawing 2D, WPF Animation)


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