We are the leading SEO(Search Engine Optimization), digital marketing, PPC(pay per click), Social media Marketing(SMO), Email Marketing Training Institute in Patna, Bihar, India. We provides SEO Job training on SEO onpage and offpage.

Our SEO Training Institute in Patna Provides seo training in both Onpage and OffPage Optimization. Our Seo Course covers latest advanced Online Marketing techniques and Tools. Our seo course in Patna is helpful for web designers, Corporate Marketers and students to build their career in seo field.

Our complete seo course includes training in Search engine optimization (seo), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Seo Position Monitoring, and SEO Tools.

SEO/Digital Marketing Training Institute in Patna

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Training institute in Patna

We are the best providers of SEO, Digital Marketing,PPC,SMO Training institute in Patna with Search Engine Optimization experts. Our training program is very much mixed with both practical and multiple live examples. Our trainers are well experienced and limiting the batch members to give better knowledge to our students.

Many wonderful websites are developed by spending a lots of money but keeping as useless which are not scrolled by search engines results like Google, Yahoo, etc. If you want your site to be in top most ranking of search engines then you must be expert in SEO. SEO is a powerful tool which helps many of the site builders to bring their website in top most of search engine results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also the process of improving the quality and reduce the traffic in search engine for your website.

Whenever you are asking query to search engine and hit enter it will display some link results on browser's page. SEO is not a human it’s just a tool which helps our site to reach on top rank position in search engines. But normally our human mind thinks that the link which is in top of search result is the best one. For that ranking position you must be thorough in SEO topics.

Now a days Google is one of the most deciding thing to run any of our business in the world. Without any help of Google search engine no one can run their business in the top most level. To reach that top position you must be very confident in doing SEO for your site. We are providing best SEO Training in Patna with the help of real time experts.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Training at CSDT Centre

.Bring your website first in search results which will increase your CTR.
.Increased visibility in the search engine results enhances customer trust and your brand recognition.
.The Internet is always ‘on’ so enjoy a 24*7 boost to your brand with SEO web promotion.
.We are providing perfect examples at our SEO Training in Patna.

We are providing perfect examples at our SEO/Digital Marketing Training in Patna.

SEO Course Syllabus

• SEO Fundamentals
• How search engines work
• Search Engines Types
• SEO Architecture
• On-page Optimization
• Off-page Optimization
• Google Webmaster tools
• Google Analytics
• How to write quality content
• Keyword Research
• Directory Submission
• Blog creation and submission
• Article Submission
• Link Building

Off page Optimization: (Search Engine Marketing)

History of search engines, Social Bookmarking, Classified postings, Article postings, Email Marketing, Free Press releases

Traffic Sources Reports, Trade lead posting, Rss Feed Marketing

Traffic Sources Reports, Trade lead posting, Rss Feed Marketing

Introduction to Offsite Optimization, Social media Optimization

Hosting of Google sitemap, Submission to search engines

Linking Building Methodology, Types of Linking Methods

Search engines vs. Directories, Blog Creation & Blog commenting

Creation of forums, participating in forums, Participating in groups & Creation of new groups

Keyword analysis, website analysis, Competitors Research and Analysis

Link building Concepts, One way linking / two way link building advantages

On page Optimization

How to Choose Domains, Seo lead qualifying and closing strategies

Keyword Placement, Pre Optimization Report

Key word research, Competitors’ website analysis

Rewriting robot friendly text, Header Tags Optimization

Title Tag Optimization, Meta Tag Optimization

Title Tag Optimization, Meta Tag Optimization

SEO Content Writing, Image Tag Optimization

Key words Optimization, Anchor Links Optimization

URL Selection, Seo Website Architecture Planning

Alt Tag Optimization, Website structure Optimization

Body text and content Optimization, Sitemap for link Optimization

Body text and content Optimization, Sitemap for link Optimization

XML Sitemap Creation, Rss Feed Creations

HTML coding optimization for seo standards

How to do Effective Website design for search engine optimization

Identification of unique visitors and return visits to websites.

How to write seo friendly Content, content research and content Re-writing

Position Monitoring:

Monitoring website ranking with different keywords

Difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

How to do Seo for Static Websites and Dynamic websites.

Constant research of updated technology for better positioning

Anatomy of Google, yahoo, msn and major search engines

Renewal of expiry trade leads and posting new trade leads

Research on current popular directories and site submission

Changing methodology with change in search engine algorithm

Social Media Optimization

Social Networking Sites. (Twitter, Linkdin, Facebook etc)

Social Bookmaking Sites. (Stumbleupon, delicious, reddit etc)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Affiliate Marketing.

Google Adsense.

Google Adwords

PPC or Pay per Click Campaign Management.

SEO Tools

Alexa ranking Tool

Page rank Tool

Seo Tools and Usages.

Google Analytics Tool

Google Webmaster Too

Keyword Research Tools

Competitive Analysis Tools

Website Traffic Analysis Tools

Website Quality Analysis Tools

Robo forms

We are first seo training institute in Patna . Many students completed seo training at our SEO & Digital Marketing training institute located in Boring Road, Patna and now working as Seo Team Leads and seo Consultants.