Hardware, Networking and CCNA Training Institute in Patna

CSDT Centre has designed its Computer Networking , CNNA, Windows Server, PC Skill Support and Computer Hardware Courses so well that searching a job in market after finishing the course is very easy. You Will get several job offers from reputed organizations in the market.

We are a pioneer in career building industry for Computer Hardware and Networking sector. We are associated with many of the major IT Companies like Infosys, Wipro, HCL, HP, IBM, TCS etc. Computer Networking and Hardware is one of the fastest growing sectors. The Computer hardware, networking sector is crucially associated with computer hardware and development fact-finding.

One of the best Hardware Networing Training institute in Patna

This program covers the training in networking administration and PC support on different kinds of Operating Systems like Windows 2008, Linux, Windows 7 etc. It also provides you the knowledge of media and topologies, protocols and standards, Storage area Network and Network Security.

The demand for skilled network support professionals has been growing significantly. CSDT Centre identifies this course as the perfect entry point into a networking career. Upon completion of this course one can work as a Field Support Technician, Network Support Technician, Network Administrator etc.

6 Months, 100% Job Placement Computer Hardware and Networking Training

The Eligibility Criteria to apply for Job Oriented Computer Hardware Networking Training is:

1. Candidates should have passed 10+2, graduation or its equivalent from a recognised university board.

2. The candidate must have a good communication skill(Hindi & English).

3. Before admission, the candidate will have to appear in a written test and personal interview. The test comprises of a set of technical questions based on Basic of Computer.

2 HRS / DAY (12 PM to 2 PM) MON to FRY
Technology Name Module-1 Module-2 Module-3 Module-4 Training Fee
Hardware and Networking
AWS Cloud

Windows Server 2019
Network Essentials Operating System Windows 10 Rs 35,000/- Only

Note-1. Minimum Starting Salary will be Rs 10,000/- to Rs 21,000/-.

Note-2. Only 8 Students in One Batch.

Hardware-Networking-Training Syllabus

Hardware and network course
1. Exposure to Computer Hardware Industry
2. Components, tools and safety measures
3. Assembling a PC
4. Dual BIOS & BIOS settings
5. How to Boot a System?
6. Diagnose & Resolve issues related to a PC
7. Laptop features, Components, tools and safety measures
8. Diagnose & Resolve issues related to a Laptop
9. Upgrading a PC or Laptop
10.Smartphone features and Tools & Safety
11.Types of printers
12.Preventive Maintenance & Cleaning a PC
13. Storage (ram , Hard disk , cd drive, )
14. Monitor
15. Scanner
16. troubleshoot

Operating System Syllabus

Operating System course
1. Windows and Linux installation
2. Upgrading & downgrading OS
3. different OS & compatibility
4. ms office & open office installation
5. Working on MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint
6. Ms office troubleshoot
7. Connecting a PC/Laptop to Internet
8. Antivirus and Internet security installation
9. 3rd party software installation
10. Troubleshooting Application related issues
11. Backup,format & restore OS
12. OS Troubleshooting
13. Desktop & laptop security settings
14. Manage Identity
15. Plan Desktop and device deployment
16. Plan and implement Microsoft Intune
17. Manage Networks, Manage storage,
18. Manage data access & protection
19. Manage remote access
20. Manage Apps
21. Manage updates & recovery
22. OS password Recovery
23. Account lockdown policy
24. Useraccount
25. Bit locker

Networking Essentials Syllabus

Networking Essentials course
1. Basics of computer network
2. OSI Model
3. Transmission Media
4. Networking devices & Topology
5. LAN Basics
6. IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing
7. TCP/IP & Ethernet Advanced
8. Structured Cabling
9. Wireless Networking
10. WAN Concepts and Remote Access
11. Working with Networked Devices
12. Packet Analysis using Wireshark
13. Troubleshooting Networks
14. Network Threats and Mitigation
15. Outlook configuration

Windows server Syllabus

Windows server course
1. MS Windows Server 2016 (70-740)*
2. Introduction to Windows Server OS
3. DNS and DHCP
4. Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services
5. Installing, upgrading and migrating servers and workloads
6. Implementing enterprise storage solutions
7. Implementing storage spaces and data deduplication
8. Configuring local storage
9. Installing and configuring hyper v and virtual machine
10. ftp server
11.Creating and managing deployment images
12. Implementing Network Load Balancing
13. Creating and managing deployment images
14. Managing,monitoring and maintaining 15. virtual machine installations

Cisco Routing and Switching Syllabus

Cisco Routing and Switching course
1. Network fundamentals
2. LAN Switching technologies
3. Topology
4. IP Address

Our Hardware Networking job-based training programs are focused on building our students expertise in Technical skills as well as Soft skills like Communication skill, Presentation skill, Interview skill, Teamwork skills and Complete personality development. We have set Soft skill training as a mandatory aspect for our students to go through as a part of their training programs.

Our Job oriented training programs include real-time project experience which will be shared with our real-time trainers working on the major projects from Server Administration, Banking, Telecom, E-Commerce, Manufacturing Industry experience. Students will get hands-on experience with industry standards to face the interviews confidently.