Big Data Hadoop Institute

CSDT Centre offers the most comprehensive and in-depth Big Data Hadoop training that is designed by industry professionals in order to help you with your career. This is one combo course that will give you complete mastery of Hadoop developer, administrator, analyst, and testing domains.

Big Data Hadoop training institute in Patna provides in-depth knowledge on Hadoop Ecosystem tools and Big Data. Here you learn HDFS, MapReduce, Hbase, Hive, Pig, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop by working on real-world Big Data Hadoop Projects. Designed by reputed industry experts, this best Hadoop certification training in CSDT centre provides in-depth knowledge on Hadoop Ecosystem tools and Big Data. We also offer real-time training with case study based projects that provide hands-on experience of the subject.

Big data Institute in Patna

About Big Data Training

Big data is a term applied to technologies that facilitate handling substantially large datasets. These datasets are so large that they can’t be processed using conventional or traditional data processing tools. To work these gigantic sets of data, there are dedicated platforms like Hadoop which have especially been designed to handle all kinds of massive data. And because data is everything in the present-day context, enrolling in the best Big Data Hadoop training in Patna would be your wisest move.

Big data refers to the large and complex set of data that are difficult to process using traditional processing systems. Stock exchanges like NYSE and BSE generate Terabytes of data every day. Social media sites like Facebook generates data that are approximately 500 times bigger than stock exchanges.

Hadoop is an open source project by Apache used for storage and processing of large volume of unstructured data in a distributed environment. Hadoop can scale up from a single server to thousands of servers.

Big Data Syllabus

  1. Introduction to BIG DATA: Types, Characteristics & Benefits
  2. Hadoop Tutorial: Features, Components, Cluster & Topology
  3. Hadoop Setup Tutorial - Installation & Configuration
  4. HDFS Tutorial: Read & Write Commands using Java API
  5. What is MapReduce? How it Works
  6. Hadoop & Mapreduce Examples: Create your First Program
  7. Hadoop MapReduce Tutorial: Counters & Joins with Example
  8. What is Sqoop? What is FLUME
  9. Sqoop vs Flume vs HDFS in Hadoop
  10. Create Your First FLUME Program
  11. Hadoop PIG Tutorial: Introduction, Installation & Example
  12. Big Data Testing: Functional & Performance